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Lua: Tutorial List

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Here at LuaLearners, teaching you is our number one priority. We strive to make things clear and easy to understand for all of our learners. Below is a list of many of our tutorials, and you can find the full list here.

Script Builders are a very easy and effective way of learning to script. You can visit coolbob44's Script Builder by clicking here and Xedrak's Script Builder by clicking here.

Lua Walkthroughs

Beginner's Basic Tutorial

Series by Slayer219:
Basic Tutorial
Intermediate Tutorial
Advanced Tutorial
Expert Tutorial

Scripting Tips

Global Variables
Practical Uses for Coroutines
Ternary Operators (Mini If-Statements)
Data Types
Lua Scope

Parts of Lua

Conditional Statements
String Manipulation
Table (array) Basics
Anonymous Functions

Specific Tutorials

How to Insert a Script
Tweening GUIs
How to Create a Kill Brick
How to make a Leaderboard
How to use ClickDetectors
How to use the KeyDown event in HopperBins
How to make a Healing Tool
How to teleport a player to a different place
How to create a chat command script

Video Tutorials
GUI Tutorial #1
Making a Group Door

The tutorials that are listed here were hand-picked to be the best for the aspiring scripter. We have many more tutorials on our Full Tutorial List.

Note to Writers: If you feel like your tutorial should be on this list, PM coolbob44.

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