LuaLearners has closed down.


In the past two years, LuaLearners has been through a lot as both a website and a community. Without a doubt, we have experienced success unparalleled by other fansites dedicated to providing ROBLOX content and have become arguably the most referenced Lua learning sources to turn to on ROBLOX. Both learners and teachers alike have had an unforgettable time as part of this experience.

However, despite all of our success, it is time for LuaLearners to reach a close. Without a doubt, there has been a declination in the overall spirit of the community. The overall atmosphere has changed. The lessons content is outdated and incorrect in some places, and we lack an active community to continue updating this information. In addition, the archaic and enormous code supporting LuaLearners has reached its limit and we cannot continue without a staggering overhaul of the entire system.

Staying in Contact

In our absence, we have set up a Mumble server. If you enjoyed spending time with the community on the Public Wall, then we invite you to join our server and come hang out with us there. We'll be discussing topics related to the new LuaLearners, as well as just having fun together.

Server IP:

Server port: 64738

Special Thanks

Thank you to the following people who have had a big part in making LuaLearners the best:

aboy5643, Andrew, Are31, Causticity, Chaotic, Chili1924, CoolTJP, Dr01d3k4, itunes89, KaylynnMarie, Lilly, LuaWeaver, Magnalite, McVisibility, Obft, Orca101, Ozzypig, Qantas, Rivernymph, Savoron, SCS, Sparker22, StefanBashkir, Suremark, TheMyrco, twinCalibrator, Unclear, Xedrak, Xeptix, Xicronic

The Future

We are beginning work on a new website, dubbed "LuaLearners 2.0" while in development. It will be a completely new experience, much better than what LuaLearners could have ever been. We are very excited to keep serving the ROBLOX community; however, we feel that we cannot continue in our current state. We are looking forward to teaching you again soon!

Where can I learn from now?

We apologize for the discontinuation of our service if you were still in the learning process. If you are still learning the Lua language and syntax, we recommend the following sources:

If you have the language down, and need to learn the ROBLOX API, we recommend the ROBLOX wiki. We've listed some articles that we recommend you take a look at below.

Have Scripting Questions?

Scripting Helpers is the best place to ask your ROBLOX scripting questions. It is a Q&A website, specifically crafted for the ROBLOX community. We highly recommend that you go there to get your questions answered.

Final Goodbyes

From all of us here at LuaLearners, thank you for being a part of something great. We couldn't have done it without you. We hope your time on ROBLOX is filled with fun and awesomeness.

And for the last time...

Happy scripting.